25 - 26 September, 2018
Grand Millenium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

John Ysmael O. Reyes

Business Excellence and RPA Lead
Total GSP

3:50 PM Achieving Service Excellence and Innovation with RPA

·         How RPA can drive service delivery transformation via operational improvements
·         Increasing service efficiency and precision with the integration of humans and machines
·         Effective way to transform a business through RPA with lower risk and resource

9:00 AM Workshop A: Launching RPA Pilot Projects - Proof of Concept (POC) and Result Analysis

Early adopters who look for quick, viable results in cost savings and efficiency often dive straight into RPA with a complete process transformation. Through RPA pilot projects advancement, organisations can learn, foresee potential technical and commercial challenges, fix them, gain the right support from management and staff, and gradually implement RPA across the enterprise to ensure long term success.
This step-by-step interactive workshop weighs up the benefits and risks of pressing forward with robotics, covers a tick list of what you should be assessing and covers other necessary knowledge to ensure the success of your RPA pilot projects.
Learning outcomes:
·         Understanding the basics of RPA, its potential approaches and benefits
·         Evaluating risks and how to manage them
·         Engaging stakeholders in identifying opportunities for RPA implementation
·         Planning a successful RPA pilot initiative: Outlining the proof of concept, testing the solution and analysing results
·         Re-evaluate operating model and overall technology architecture

9:00 AM Workshop C: An RPA Scale up Guide: Embedding Robotics into Enterprise Operations

You have planned or are currently executing prototypes and small scale RPA. Now what? How do you map out a journey to enterprise level RPA capabilities to deliver business-wide impact?
Learning outcomes:
·         Exploring the challenges in moving from prototype to scaled execution
·         Understanding how to operate RPA at-scale compared to normal business processes
·         Considering the roadmap to scaling and operating an RPA capability through centres-ofexcellence with reference to a number of international case studies
·         Developing your operating model for an RPA programme in scale
·         Building internal knowledge and capabilities
·         How to manage your digital workforce in scale

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